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North Shares Recent Promotion of Josiah Coons to Special Projects Operations Manager

Josiah is going on 19 years of service in the trade and joined the North team in 2018 as a HVAC Service Technician with journeyman status. After seeing his strong leadership skills, North offered him an opportunity to help with getting the HVAC Special Projects Team started in 2020. At that time, there were 3 employees on the team. Today, almost 3 years later, the team has grown to 12 HVAC Special Projects team members, with hopes to continue adding more with growth.

“It became very clear early on when we hired Josiah that he was a leader. Josiah has a huge heart and is always trying to help anyone who asks, so presenting him with the opportunity to become an Operations Manager and build his own team was a simple decision. His commitment to his team and our clients is the true definition of someone who serves people. “ - Mike Crouse, Director of Special Projects

Prior to joining North, Josiah first started on the residential side of the industry performing all aspects of the trade, including installation, service, and as a warranty technician. After excelling in these roles, he transitioned into supervisory roles and then into the engeering/design build team. In this role, he designed customer solutions to address client issues for all HVAC needs.

The Special Projects team specializes in the installation of all aspects of the HVAC industry, including residential, commercial, industrial, and low-temp refrigeration. In his role as Special Projects Operations Manager, Josiah manages ongoing project jobs, provides quotes for future new projects, and coordinates labor to ensure all projects are being completed. The North team values Josiah’s commitment to always being better than he was the day before. His laughter brings the team up and reminds all of us that work can be fun.

Outside of work, Josiah is married to his best friend, Samantha, and they have two children. He likes to spend time with his family doing outdoor activities like hiking, bike riding, and swimming. A unique fact about Josiah is that he comes from a very large family and has 17 brothers and sisters.



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