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“We become trusted from our customers.  They know we can do the job because we prove it to them. 

“We do well at sales, but we do an even better job at producing and doing what we say we are going to do.”

Rod Foley, President, North Mechanical

 “Technology is a big part of our vision.  We have made a commitment to continually be getting better so that we can better serve our clients and improve their experience.”

“North Mechanical is a full service mechanical provider.  We are trying to be a one-stop shop for everything.  So, what do we work on?  The answer is yes.”

Al May, President, North Mechanical

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“North’s commitment to safety has been something that is truly unique.  They view safety as an investment, more than an expense. 


All of the employees have the equipment they need and the training to lean on the knowledge-based principles.  It really is the forefront of what they have been able to establish.”

Aaron Wissen, Safety Manager, North Mechanical

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