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Definition of a Great Team:

Professional. Educated. Trained. Licensed. Experienced. Accomplished. Smart. Savvy. Collaborative. Engaged.

North Mechanical is deliberate about retaining professional staff at all levels. North Mechanical employs Indiana-licensed professional engineers, alumni of Purdue’s Building and Construction Management (BCM) and Constructing Engineering (CE) programs, graduates of the Mechanical Contractor’s Association of America’s (MCAA) Institute of Project Management (IPM), and OSHA trained technicians. Service technicians are STAR certified by the Mechanical Service Contractors of America (MSCA). North Mechanical can claim one of the most stable staff retention rates, resulting in a solid team of people who collaborate extremely well. That means efficiency, and consistency, for you

Greg Fuller


Contact: (317) 610-2627 /

Fuller has daily responsibility for the company’s complete line of services, quality management, and approach. Fuller received his journeyman plumber status in 1985, and began his career as a superintendent for Freyn Brothers in 1990. He joined North Mechanical in 1991 as project manager, advancing to vice president and becoming president and owner in 1997, growing the company by 800 percent in the last 16 years.

Fuller is active in the local, state, and national construction industries and holds several leadership positions including serving on the boards of directors for the Mechanical Contracting Association of Indiana (MCAI), the Mechanical Contracting Association of Indianapolis (MCA-Indianapolis Area), the Indiana Subcontractors Association (ISA), the Indiana Construction Association (ICA), Top Notch of Central Indiana, and the executive committee for the Mechanical Contracting Association of America (MCAA). Fuller is also chair of and instructor for the MCAA’s Institute of Project Management.


Al May
Senior Vice President
(317) 610-2627

Michelle Eastman
Chief Financial Officer
(317) 610-2627

Bob North, P.E.



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