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Meet Our Special Projects Team

As a team, the North Mechanical Special Projects Team focuses on installation, rather than maintenance & service like other departments, and works closely with Construction and Services Departments. The North Mechanical Special Projects Team has a combined 322 years of industry knowledge: 122+ years of experience for management and 200+ years in the field.

The Special Projects Team considers their field expertise to be the heart and soul of their work. With over 25 techs on the Special Projects Team, they cover the spectrum of knowledge, including:

  • Refrigeration Chillers, Freezers, Coolers, Splits

  • VRF Mitsubishi, Daikin, LG

  • RTU’s Every Make, Model, and Size

  • Welding Stainless Steel, Carbon, Aluminum, and More

  • Hydronics Chillers, Boilers, Cooling Towers, Steam systems

  • Plumbing Underground, Domestic, Med Gas, Backflows

Within the Special Projects Team, there are several key factors that demonstrate their high performance:

The managers not only know how to complete the projects in the field from start to finish, but they also understand the importance of client relationships. This is a huge advantage to both clients and the team in the field, as the managers know the struggles and issues that arise and they can provide support when needed. These Managers have risen to the challenge and put time into supporting our clients and the field.

The Estimators on the Special Projects Team came from the field, so they have years of knowledge of not only installing equipment but also working with clients on service work. This means they understand what the word emergency means, as well as timelines, shutdowns, and the importance of communication.

Two of the Special Projects Team members, Dustin Snyder, Project Operations Manager, and Mike Crouse, Director of Service Projects, secured the Job Order Contract with the state for North Mechanical. Invented in 1981 to tackle the demanding requirements, tight timeframes, and stringent, complicated competitive-bidding requirements, Job Order Contracting (JOC) is a unique, indefinite quantity procurement process that helps facility and infrastructure owners complete a large number of repair, maintenance, renovation, and straightforward new construction projects with a single, competitively-bid contract. Unlike traditional bidding where each project is identified, designed, and then put out to bid, Job Order Contracting establishes competitively-bid prices up front and eliminates the need to separately bid for each project. was invented in Today, more than 1,000 Job Order Contracts are active and account for more than $1.4 billion in construction


Christie Carrico, Special Teams Project Coordinator, has the office technical skills to keep the team on the straight and narrow- and is the backbone of their success. The Team is truly appreciative of Christie and all she brings to the team.

The Special Projects Team can install anything Mechanical, and most importantly, they have the knowledge of ‘why’. This team works together to support each other as needs arise, throughout all hours of the day.


To connect with our Special Projects Team, call (317) 610-2627 or email



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