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We Live Safety

Safety is more than just a banner on the wall!

It's much much, more than words on a banner hanging in the office. It's our way of life, woven into everything that we do.

When we were collaboratively defining our core values one very important element kept coming up in our conversations; we have to make sure the men get home every night. That 'light bulb' realization was a defining moment, compelling us to pursue elevating our safety program above all else.

Many will talk only of the financial impact an injury has on the company and while yes, this is a truth, it's a given, we believe it goes much further than that; our employees are the very soul of our organization. They are us. We are blessed with wonderful employees and we are thankful for that every single day. Our people are the very essence of our company. Why would we not return them home wholly every night? Companies, pure and simple, are comprised up of people and our people matter the most to us. We care about each other and each other's well-being. We believe our attention to safety makes this a wonderful place to work and grow careers. We seek out the most talented people and we respect that talent by respecting their safety. We expect that talent to realize their full potential and become the best they can be and to achieve that success they must feel safe and secure. We believe safety empowers our people to do the right thing without fear of repercussion. That means when a situation is unacceptable our men have the right to stop work, evaluate and have collaborative conversations with whoever is needed to correct the situation before we resume or start work.

We spare no expense to educate our workforce in safe work habits and then provide them with all the gear they need to make that happen. Safety mediocrity is absolutely unacceptable to us. Lots of things can be said about performing the minimum contractual or OSHA safety requirements and going no further. We do not subscribe to that minimalist theory. We know that a focus on always being better today than we were yesterday is driven in no small part by our commitment to learning how to work safer.

Everyone knows that an injury not only puts their own livelihood at risk but is a risk to every other employee too since an EMR rating could preclude us from securing work in many facilities. We do not take this responsibility of safety lightly. Our safety leadership team has regular thoughtful forums to talk about innovative ways to perform work safer, evaluate PPE and discuss how we make that better. We say we live safety and that’s our expectation every minute of every day with the vision that this commitment to working safely spills over into personal lives too. And our leadership is actively involved with ISNetworld. and we extend deliberate effort to be a premier safety focused company.

Working safely is a personal commitment on the job site and at home. We live it.

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