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North Scientific (a division of North Mechanical) is
focused solely on the highly specialized service required by the pharmaceutical/medical/lab industry.
Our factory trained, and certified, service techs can maintain and repair your specialty equipment (e.g. freezers, incubators, centrifuges, etc.).  We can also custom design/build environmental chambers (e.g. coolers, freezers, stability chambers) of all sizes, including designing & performing SAT (site acceptance testing) and other documentation to assist you in the commissioning & validation process.
The expert team at North Scientific can assist you with your needs during the initial design phase, the building phase and then ongoing maintenance to keep your equipment properly working. 


Our specialties include service and planned maintenance for Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) Freezers (-80C), Super Ultra Low Temperature (SULT) Freezers (-150C), Coolers (2C to 8C), Freezers (≤-40C), Blood Banks, Centrifuges, Incubators, Stability Chambers and large environmental chambers of any size. To maintain the highest standard of quality, and the least amount of interruption to your work place, we have the ability to pick up the unit(s) and service it in our temperature and humidity-controlled repair shop.

We believe that periodic scheduled maintenance is critical for the long life of your equipment investment and we can help pull together a custom program to protect that investment.


We are experienced in designing and building FM-compliant walk-in or drive-in refrigerated chambers of any size for medical and pharmaceutical clients.


Our focus is the Pharma industry and our competencies include:

  • Refrigeration System Redundancy (e.g. N+1, 100%)

  • Floor excavation and installation of under slab floor heat systems for freezers

  • System Automation controllers and integration into existing and new Building Automation Systems (BAS)

  • Advanced Alarming connection points (e.g. high & low temperature, compressor failure) and notification processes

  • Service (fork lift) doors: insulated and high-speed installation and repairing

We also provide qualified service on  several product lines, including but not limited to:

Thermo Fisher          Revco          Forma          VWR          Jewitt          Sanyo/Panasonic


SoLow          Helmer          Hot Pak          Stability Environments          NorLake


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