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Meet Our Service Admin Team

Our Service Admin Team brings their combined 68 years of North experience together to support our clients, technicians, and managers. They can respond to requests from all branches, providing North clients with access to a qualified staff member at any time. The North Admin Team is different from many other service contractors because they promote a single point of contact for all clientele needs.

Clients can place a service call, receive updates for scheduling, call for questions on billing, resolve issues on invoices, and more, all while working with the same individual. We believe this puts us strides above the rest and gives each client the satisfaction that they will be consistently taken care of.

"It’s a great relief for any leader here at North to have a team who manages themselves. No matter how difficult the task, this group always finds a way to get it done. The coordinator’s teamwork and the stellar results haven’t gone unnoticed. Your effort is deeply, deeply appreciated and what a great team we have at North Mechanical!" - Greg Brown, Lafayette Branch Service Manager

In addition to providing clientele support, our admin team:

  • Streamlines and reengineers workflow processes to increase efficiencies

  • Provides a variety of training to team members

  • Reviews and analyzes many sets of data

  • Oversees budgeting and cash flow

  • Ensures accuracy on agreements

  • And more!

The Admin Team has experienced significant growth over the years, to ensure the Service Technicians and clients are fully supported. Since 2009, the admin staff has grown by nearly 450%, from 2 team members to 14 today. As shown below, the entire office staff has also grown to support the tremendous growth in the # of service technicians in the field serving our clients. We are excited to continue seeing all areas grow!

“Our Admin Team is an exceptional group. All are constantly being pulled in many directions by our clients, technicians, and managers. They do a great job of prioritizing the needs of everyone.” - Cindi Capps, Service Operations Specialist

The Service Admin team looks forward to serving you!



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