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Meet Our Safety Team

We continue to empower our employees to make the safest decisions for them and their families.

The North Mechanical Safety Team provides an array of safety support and direction to more than 350 employees, totaling 600,000+ man hours.

Some of their current projects include:

  • Project Stellantis

  • Project Stevanato

  • Butler Resco Dining

  • Eskenazi Health

  • IU Health Saxony

  • Ball State Cooper Science

  • A variety of facilities, including Rolls Royce, Allison Transmission, Corteva Science, and LabCorp.

“Our team knows how to make safety cool! Our employees proudly utilize safety merch - from tshirts to hats and water bottles - to reinforce a safety-conscious culture.” - Aaron Wissen, Safety Director

The Safety Team helps develop new safety policies and procedures based on industry best practices and organizational needs. They organize, schedule, and conduct safety training to educate employees about potential hazards, safe work practices, emergency procedures, and the proper use of safety equipment.

This team assesses workplace environments, equipment, and processes, to identify potential

hazards/risks and help develop strategies to eliminate these risks to help promote a safe

working environment. They help to develop emergency response plans. North has partnered with the

Indianapolis Fire Department (IFD) to utilize the IFD emergency expertise and help provide additional site safety coverage for North’s construction projects.

They conduct safety inspections/audits of work areas, equipment, and processes, to

identify deficiencies, and collaborate with all levels to determine corrective actions and ensure

compliance. They also conduct investigations when accidents, incidents, or near-miss events occur, to help determine the root cause and develop corrective actions to help prevent future occurrences.

The North Safety Team values involvement with professional associations and committees, including the MCAA (Mechanical Contractors Association of America) and the AGC of Indiana, of which Aaron Wissen is the current Safety Task Force Chair. North is a CCS Certified Partner (Coalition for Construction Safety) and carries an excellent safety rating with ISNET, Avetta, ComplyWorks, Vero, Gatefeed, and many more.

The Safety Team consists of:

Aaron Wissen – Safety Director

Joe Kidder – Safety Coordinator

Emily Mosson – Safety Administrator

Mark Roberts – Safety Technician

Terri Matula – Safety Technician

Mark Baker – Safety Technician

Levi Jones – Safety Technician

Collectively, the team brings more than 100 years of safety experience to North Mechanical. “We are an eclectic bunch that sees things from a multitude of perspectives due to our diverse backgrounds”, said Wissen. Outside of work, the North Safety Team stays busy and active:

Aaron enjoys golfing and playing sports with his kids. Mark Roberts enjoys working on hotrods, sci-fi, and vacationing abroad, while Mark Baker enjoys fishing and being terrible at golf! Levi enjoys boating, swimming, working out, and riding motorcycles, and Joe is an expert in goats and has a successful catering business!



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