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Get To Know Our Controls Division

Our North Mechanical Contracting & Service Temperature Controls Division provides a variety of services:

BAS stands for "Building Automation System," and it refers to a centralized control system that monitors and manages various building functions and systems, including temperature controls. BAS is designed to enhance the efficiency, comfort, and safety of a building by automating and optimizing operations.

BAS for temperature controls plays a crucial role in optimizing building comfort, energy efficiency, and operational management, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and well-maintained facility.

We provide flexible, scalable, and robust BAS solutions to future proof your building!

We install vendor-neutral, open-sourced, and open protocol BAS systems:

  • Distech Controls

  • Lynxspring

  • Honeywell WEBs

  • Johnson FX


Controls we service:

For assistance, please contact Brent McClughen, Controls Manager, at



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