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North Announces Promotion of Jensen Harte to Logistics Manager

Jensen joined the North Mechanical team February 2023 as the Tool & Asset Manager. He has built better relationships with vendors to cut costs and increased availability of tools needed through better tracking practices. Prior to joining the North team, he worked at Roudebush Grading, where he maintained, repaired, and fabricated parts for heavy equipment. Jensen has also worked as a millwright for A&R Erectors where he learned industrial processes. Jensen is currently pursuing his Associates Degree in Business Management.

"I am very excited to see where Jensen takes this department. He is a great leader that strives to guide others to success and leads by example. Jensen is accountable, dependable and is able to see the big picture of what is best for North." -Brad Morland, Vice President, North Mechanical Contracting

In his new role, Jensen will oversee operational activities at every level with the Logistics Division and Fleet, including running a safe, injury/accident-free workplace, managing relationships with vendors and staff, and collaborating with all departments to improve efficiencies. He will recruit, train, and counsel employees, as well as analyze and improve organizational processes and workflow.

Outside of work, he enjoys family adventures like concerts, camping, river floats, and fishing with his daughter, as well as enjoying the snow in the winter months for sledding, snowball fights, and building snowmen. Jensen is also passionate about exercising and spending time in the gym. A fun fact about Jensen is he has two left feet but loves to dance. He is also determined to perfect the art of grilling a steak!



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