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North Announces Brad Hawk as General Manager of Service

Please join me in welcoming Brad Hawk to the North Mechanical Service team!

Brad Hawk officially became a part of our team at the end of March, assuming the role of General Manager of Service under the supervision of Derek Dimiceli. Brad's contributions will be an integral part of NMS's strategic planning, business development, operational management, and beyond.

Brad is an alumnus of Plainfield High School and holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University. He brings a wealth of experience in the HVAC trade, an HVACR license, and a Level 6 Boiler Tech - CBRA Lean Manufacturing Certificate from Cleaver-Brooks.

Brad and his wife Rhonda have celebrated 32 years of marriage. Together, they've raised four children: Levi, Adam, Luke, and Paige. In addition to 4 children, they now have a grandson, named Hawk. Brad also enjoys working on his motorcycle, reloading ammunition, and coaching rugby! A fun fact about Brad is that he played football until he was 38 years old and also coached rugby for IUPUI!

"Brad demonstrates integrity, collaboration, and strategic thinking. In his role as our new general manager, he not only leads with a coach's mentality but also seamlessly blends into the culture of our company. His presence is not just a welcome addition but a perfect fit, elevating our team to new heights of success."
- Derek Dimiceli, President of North Mechanical Service

We’re excited to see Brad apply his experience and education to contribute to the growth of our business and provide valuable support to our Indianapolis and remote branches.

Let's congratulate and welcome Brad to North as General Manager of Service!



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