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Greg Fuller on his Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA) Presidency and the Industry

As Greg Fuller, President of North Mechanical, wraps up and reflects on his 2017/18 MCAA Presidency, he reflects on the past year and the organization’s accomplishments and challenges that he faced as president.

When asked what his three largest accomplishments were during his time as MCAA president, Fuller said:

“Every effort centered around the importance of being involved in your association and the benefit it can bring to you and your company. To get the most out of your MCAA membership, you need to go ALL IN. To take your company’s success to the next level, you need to go ALL IN. And to have the experience of a lifetime, you need to go ALL IN.” ALL IN became the theme of the 2018 MCAA Annual Convention in Texas, because as he says, “no one goes halfway when they’re in Texas!”

During his tenure, he also had the opportunity to start and to be involved with the Women in Mechanical Industry (WiMi),

One of the key challenges facing the industry is workforce development. Fuller focused on this issue and changed the way the MCAA Student Chapter Summit works and added a job fair component to it.

Finally, he said that the organization has been very focused on strengthening the relationship with the partnership at the UA. He feels the partnership has never been stronger on a national level and that it is trickling down to the local level. “The relationship between the MCAA and the UA is at an all-time high. We have developed a great partnership and we plan to continue to build on that in an exponential way. We all understand that a big challenge for us as union contractors is to at least maintain, and hopefully regain, market share. The best way to accomplish that is to work with our labor partners at the UA”, says Fuller. “That’s what it will take to secure a bright future for the members of both our fine organizations”, he says.

When asked about the biggest challenges he faced during his presidency, Fuller said:

Travel and maintaining a good relationship with the business. He said “we started working on this 4 years ago and we knew I would be gone. We worked with our leadership to not let anything STOP on my desk.”

Again, workforce development is a hot topic. He said, “Getting young talent into our industry. Both in the field and in the office and we are developing may programs to attract young men and women to our industry. We have a long way to go but we did make progress.”

“We are also faced with enhancing competitiveness, increasing efficiency and productivity, gaining market share, staying ahead of the technology change curve, attracting talented young people into our industry, ensuring the safest jobsites possible, enhancing the leadership potential of senior management…there is certainly no shortage of challenges facing mechanical and service contractors today. MCAA's "challenge" is to do all that it can to assist our members in successfully addressing those challenges. I hope that my time as president had a positive impact on these challenges and built on the strong MCAA foundation for years to come.”

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