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North Announces New Leadership Transition


On March 1st, 2024, North Mechanical shared some important transitions within our organization.

First, after nearly 33 years of dedicated service and leadership, our highly spirited CEO, Greg Fuller, has decided to transition into a semi-retirement role effective March 1, 2024. During his tenure, Greg has been instrumental in guiding our organization through significant growth, challenges, achievements, and successes. His vision, dedication, and strategic leadership have been invaluable in shaping North and Newjac into what we are today. In his semi-retirement, Greg will continue to be involved in an advisory capacity, offering insights and guidance to the Executive Leadership Team to ensure a smooth transition and continued success for the organization. While he may not be as actively involved in day-to-day operations, his wealth of experience and knowledge will remain a valuable asset to us. We are immensely thankful for Greg's contributions and ask that you please join us in expressing our deepest gratitude and well wishes to Greg as he embarks on this next chapter in life.

In light of this transition, we are pleased to announce the members of our Executive Leadership Team who will be stepping up to lead the organization into its next phase of growth and success:

Michelle Eastman, Chief Financial Officer

Rod Foley, President, North Contracting

Derek Dimiceli, President, North Services

Beau Wendholt, President, Newjac Industrial

Al May has been an instrumental leader in North Services’ journey, contributing significantly to its growth and success during his tenure as President. His vision, dedication, and strategic guidance have been invaluable in shaping the organization's trajectory. In his new capacity, Al will be assuming the newly formed role of Senior Vice President. One of Al’s primary focuses will be regional expansion. His wealth of experience and knowledge of the organization make him well-suited for this role, and we look forward to the opportunities this will present to the organization for further growth.

Derek Dimiceli now assumes the role of President, North Services. Derek’s many years of service within the organization, combined with his demonstrated leadership, will prove invaluable to the organization and our continued success. We are excited to support Derek and stand with him as he embraces his Presidency!

We are genuinely excited about these changes and the opportunities they present for our organizations’ continued growth and development. We thank you each for the role you play in making our organization great! Very exciting times lie ahead for us all!



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