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North Announces Promotion of Eric Bunton to Account Manager

North is excited to share the promotion of Eric Bunton from Service Technician to Account Manager.

Eric first started in the field as a natural leader and self-motivated service plumber for North in January 2018. It was very apparent to the North team that Eric was the missing link to the newly established service plumbing division, which at that time was still undefined.

"Since day one, Eric has made his intentions clear on what he thought his future looked like here at North. He wanted the ability to offer all of North Mechanical to his clients, while also providing unique work for the technicians. His new position here will be one that opens the door for Eric to spend more time with our internal and external clients, and build opportunities in and around our service area." - Nathan Dimiceli, Sales & Plumbing Service Manager

The knowledge and grit to finish what Eric started are what have propelled him from the field to the office. North is excited to see the growth and expansion that will happen with Eric in his elevated position.

Thank you, Eric, for all you do!



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