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North Announces New Indy HVAC Service Manager, Michael Peacock

North Mechanical Contracting & Service is proud to share the promotion of Michael Peacock to HVAC Service Manager.

Michael began his career in the residential HVAC industry then moved into commercial HVAC and controls departments at North Mechanical as a Service Technician. Michael left North for a short period of time to run his own company doing light commercial and resident work. He shortly returned to North as a Contract Manager before taking a promotion to Operations Manager during the pandemic before his most recent promotion to HVAC Service Manager.

“The North team is excited to continue recognizing Michael for his hard work, ethics, and dedication to our clients, company, and team. Due to his willingness to be flexible and desire for excellence, this promotion is well-earned and we are so proud to have Michael representing our team. North has become what it is today due to the hard work of our employees. I look forward to seeing Michael in this new role!” - Derek Dimiceli, VP of Service

In Michael’s new role as HVAC Service Manager, he will lead and develop the HVAC, Industrial, and Refrigeration Service Teams consisting of 3 managers and 30 Technicians, which will continue to grow over time. Michael was promoted to this position due to his willingness to share what he knows, his desire to see others succeed, and his commitment to understanding what leadership means and then applying it daily to the many roles he fills at North.

When not working, Michael enjoys spending time at home with his wife, Hannah, and son, Jackson, to go on adventures whether it be making snowmen, jumping in muddy puddles, or playing with cars on the floor. He also likes to build things, ranging from building a new interior in a pole barn to engraving objects with his laser engraver. A unique fact about Michael is that he has been to more than 10 countries and actually lived in Germany for one of his duty stations between his deployments overseas in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.



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