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Meet Our Logistics Team

The Logistics Department focuses on fulfilling needs for North Mechanical Contracting & Service. They manage all receiving of materials and parts, tracking and sorting throughout the warehouse, and dispatching deliveries on schedule. Since last August, they’ve received over 1,200 packages just in the Indianapolis facility alone!

The Logistics team also assists the company with vehicle and fleet needs. They work with each department on upcoming needs for new vehicles, selling old vehicles, providing maintenance needs, and coordinating the outfitting of vehicles with tools and accessories for the many different divisions of North.

Our Logistics Department is unique because we service the entire company and all entities, so we have to know the in’s and out’s of each department. We have to learn and work with all of the divisions and companies. We really enjoy being a valuable asset to all and look forward to the growth and changes coming our way! -Tom Drake, Operations Manager, Logistics & Fleet

The Logistics Team consists of:

Tom Drake – Operations Manager – Logistics & Fleet

Tre Russ – Logistics Coordinator

Tyler Planck – Logistics Coordinator

M Turner – Logistics Driver

CJ Harvey – Logistics Driver

Jensen Harte – Tool Management

Recently, North moved the location of the refrigerant storage section. The Logistics Team, along with all Service Departments, had a hand in helping with this much-needed improvement. Because of this change, North can now store all recovered and new refrigerant items in one location, making it more manageable and streamlined for all involved. "The North Logistics Team partnership with Fastenal Onsite has helped our Logistics Department tremendously with providing tools and safety items for our field personnel and job sites", said Drake. "Having the items in stock within our location has truly shown us how valuable the partnership has become."



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