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Help us congratulate the retirement of Kevin Cauley!

Kevin joined the North team 12 years ago and worked at Steel Dynamics for all 12 of those years as an on-site technician. In his time at North, Kevin consistently made sure that Steel Dynamics was well taken care of in the HVAC department.

He worked a dangerous and difficult job at the steel mill. He always had a smile on his face with nothing negative to say. The entire North team enjoyed the work environment alongside Kevin!

In his time here at North, Kevin made a major impact on everything he touched. North is extremely thankful for Kevin's dedication to ensuring his clients were always taken care of and projects were completed efficiently, effectively, and of top quality. We appreciate his ability to maintain a positive and friendly attitude, even when jobs were difficult and facility environments were not ideal conditions. North is grateful to Kevin for choosing to spend the last 10+ years of his career with our North family and we wish him the best in his next life adventures! -Michael Peacock, Service Manager

In retirement, Kevin looks forward to staying busy with tinkering in his garage on small projects and spending time with his family and grandkids.

Congratulations, Kevin!



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