Raving Fans, Yes Please!

Price sensitive jobs are always a challenge to complete on schedule and in budget while providing a satisfying result to the client. This story is proof that we can do it if we all work collaboratively together and not only satisfy the scope of the contract but work to build a long term relationship and a Raving Fan.

So recently we were asked to submit a price for replacing a chiller and upgrading a building automation system for a new client in Richmond Indiana.

After some conversation, thorough research and careful consideration our service project team submitted a price to the owner for this work and immediately we were told while we were competitive we were not the "low bidder". Not to be discouraged and knowing we'd done our homework to be completely accurate on this price we then met with the facility leadership to discuss the detailed elements of the project and the added value that North could bring to the table, in particular focused system maintenance and a comprehensive, single source in-house solution. What's 'single source' really mean? In this case it meant HVAC, plumbing and building control system service, a single provider, no finger pointing. It's all on us to bring harmony to these systems.

One thing that was discussed was credibility and reputation to which we gladly provided references for three recently completed, price driven, tightly scheduled retrofit projects: Eastern Hancock Schools, Muncie Armory and All Saints Episcopal Church.

After this clients research and further consideration we were awarded the project.

Many, many thanks to these client references, our 'raving fans' as they took the time to talk to the library about our experiences with their mechanical project needs. We very much appreciate that!

We are client experience focused and delighted that this new client may be another raving fan! We want to be a stakeholder in your building systems, how may we serve you?

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