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 “It’s really kind of the personal touch they give.  Brandon, our technician, is almost like another staff member for us.  He’s always there and seems to really care about the building just like we do.  That’s important for us.”  

Jeff Steeg, VP of Operations,

Center for the Performing Arts


“It’s a great relationship with North.  The things they’re capable of doing, the fair pricing, the communication…this is a Top Notch company to deal with.”

Dominic Erich, Director of Faciilties,

Huse Culinary Group


“It’s a great relationship.  I have all the respect in the

world for Brad.  Like I said, he and I go back a long way. 

I’m thankful for it.”  

Todd Said, Project Manager, Kettlehut Construction


“Their response time is incredible.  People don’t have time to be down. It’s critical…it affects many people and facilities and profitability of business and to have a team that can respond as fast as they can with the expertise, is incredible.”

Greg Looney, President, TSV Construction


“North Mechanical has been a partner of ours for quite some time.  It is important to me and the organization to have someone who can respond so quickly and have the staff available and knowledgeable.  They’ve been a fantastic group of people to do business with.”

Daniel Currey, Facilities and Fleet Supervisor,

Indiana Blood Center


“The guys are so responsive and really helped me out on

project planning, helped me out at Budget Season to create

the scopes in the budget for the owner,

which was awesome.”

Robyn Mabrie, Managing Director, Bradley Company


“Working with North is great. You call them up and it is a

one-stop shop, they take care of everything and it works”

Allen Hayne, Superintendent of Schools  

Union School Corporation


“We can call up North and they will drop everything and

show up and they know right where to go.  They do great work, they do what I ask in a timely fashion.  They respect our guests.  They are a great partner.”

Darin Starkey, Senior Vice President of Corporate Engineering

Remington Hotel Corporation


“Easy Button.  All you have to do is call them up and tell them what you want or show them what you want and then it’s hands off…I don’t have to worry about anything”

Rick Weigand, Facilities Engineer, KNIPT

“I like working with North mechanical because, My technician explains things in a way I understand when it comes to our automation system. 


North mechanical has been a phone call away at all times.  I have a great respect for my technician as well as the management team at North mechanical.”

Dave Ruble

Facilities Maint.Tech III-Skilled Labor | TIG Facilities

Endress+Hauser (USA) Automation Instrumentation Inc

“North Mechanical always exceeds our expectations with fast, reliable service!!

Steve Campbell. Facilities Engineer

Crawfordsville School Corp.

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